• “CCEE  has been a phenomenal service that we were fortunate to have available when the hotel dryer was completely out of service.  The hotel was without full in-house laundry services for almost three weeks.  During this time CCEE washed, dried and folded countless linens to keep us up and running.  The services are great for small jobs or big ones, like ours.  They definitely receive 5 stars from The Baymont Inn & Suites of Fulton. ”
  • -Jennifer Warren, General Manager, Baymont Inn & Suites
  • For over 30 Years, CCEE has partnerned on the assembly of Danuser Machine Company’s Klik Pin via specialized machines. They also perform sorting of product as needed. We find their work to be of quality and completed in a timely manner. The staff is easy to work with, diligent and dependable. Please see what this team can offer; it is a rewarding experience.”
  • -Marcia Crawford, Purchasing Agent of Danuser Machine Company
  • “Backer’s Potato Chips Company has been a partner with CCEE since 2017 doing sub-assembly work, CCEE has been excellent in this process with quality and meeting deadlines.  We are proud to be a partner with CCEE, we recommend you contact them.  Find out what they can do for you!” 
  • -Vicki McDaniel, President, Backers Potato Chips Company
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