North Side (visitors) Entrance
South Side (employee) Entrance
North end of main production floor, empty
North end of production floor as we prepare for epoxy floor repair. It is extremely rare for it to be this empty.
That same North end as it looks at the start of a work day.
south end of main production floor, empty
South end of production floor as we prepare for epoxy flooring repair. Again, it is rarely this empty.
Mulch beds and decorative plants outside our front windows.

Our North, or “A” dock allows us to load and unload standard height trucks from our “box truck” up to 53 foot long tractor-trailers

Our West, or “B” Dock will also facilitate any size commercial truck. Our back lot has plenty of room to maneuver tractor trailers, or provide parking for your event.

Our Laundry shipping door. (Receiving is right around the corner at door #5) You must check in with the office before showing up here.

Our laundry facility main wash room. For reference, the larger washer drums are roughly 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet deep.

Our laundry facility driers. For reference, the drums on these are roughly 3 feet in diameter and 3 feet deep

Our laundry facility weighing, sorting, pre-treating, and soaking room. Also, some pretty serious water softeners, a really serious water heater (7 burners to keep up with the machinery demands for hot water!) and one of our eyewash stations with shower. Protective gear on the left. We are CDC compliant for health care laundry.
The laundry folding room stands ready for the next job. (as viewed from the east end)

Our “green tile area” is connected to the main production floor and expands our capacity to do more or larger jobs. This area used to be where the offices and resale shop were located before a remodel was done in 2017.

This is our Dining/Break room. It also used to host the local Weight Watchers meetings after working hours pre-Covid.

Our Dining/Break room from the reverse angle.

Our kitchen/food prep area.

West side of our North dock (interior). It’s a little crowded at present due to displaced goods for epoxy floor repair.
The North dock on a more or less ordinary work day.

East side of the North dock (interior). Joe is hard at work wrangling empty boxes from current production work.

Our laundry pick-up/delivery van wants to tell you something!

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