About CCEE

• Callaway County Extended Employment (CCEE) is an extended employment, non-profit sheltered workshop that has served Fulton, and the Mid-Missouri area, since 1976.
• CCEE  employs up to 50 adults with disabilities year round.
• CCEE has an excellent reputation for providing quality, consistent work.
• CCEE has a versatile, experienced workforce. CCEE is capable of taking on and managing a wide variety of specialized tasks.
• CCEE can save your business money. We provide competitive bidding on all types of work.
• CCEE supports the local economy, providing jobs for up to 50 of your neighbors.
• CCEE is centrally located in Fulton, Missouri. On the US54 Business loop. We have excellent highway connections to all parts of the state and are near Interstate 70.

Devoted To Service Excellence​

Our History

We Started in 1976 as Kingdom Projects Incorporated. The initial location was in “A basement Downtown”.

The shop moved to a few different locations including one between Fulton and Kingdom City.

In 1991 it finally landed at it’s current location. A purpose built building located on the site of the old drive-in theater.

Several jobs have been carried out by the shop over the years. Everyone remembers when recycling was the main job, but do you remember when they did bicycle repair? Or made flower arrangements? Or painted flower pots? When there was a re-sale shop? How about making bio-diesel? Have you seen our crews out mowing? How about cleaning up the downtown area and emptying trash cans down there? Did you know we used to clean up the rest areas on the interstate a little way east of Callaway County? You probably didn’t know about the jobs done for clients like: Oxley, One canoe Two, Nasopure, Earest, Spartan Light metals, Dollar General, Danuser, Backers, Gold Crest, and others.

In 2016 we stopped recycling. When we did, much of the community thought we had gone out of business, but we are still here.

In 2019 we had undergone a complete change of Staff and decided that we needed to rebuild our brand identity with the community so we became Callaway County Extended Employment (CCEE).

In 2020 We finished our new commercial laundry facility….Just in time for Covid 19 to stop the economy in it’s tracks.

It is now 2023. The company has been through some changes, but it is still going strong after 47 years.

Keep checking back. We will be adding more content as it becomes available.

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