“Who does CCEE serve?”
-Adults ages 18 and over who are living with a disability, interested in employment, and have been assessed by Missouri Vocation Rehabilitation as eligible for extended employment.

“What are the minimum requirements for employment at CCEE?”
-at least 18 years of age and have a disability that has been documented by a physician.
-received certification from Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation.
-completion of the CCEE application packet.
-capable of following safety measures required in a light industrial work environment.
-able and willing to work.
-without incident of any type of aggressive behaviors in the previous 6 months.
-able to perform work at a minimum of 10% of the industrial standard.
-self-administer medications or have made arrangements for assistance from residential facility staff.
-able to take care of own personal hygiene.
-seizures must be controlled by prescribed medications.

“Do you still do recycling?” -We do not.

“Is the re-sale store open?” -No, but you can visit our friends at “Trends” on the south end of town

“Can I drop off used item donations?” -No, we are no longer in the re-sale business.

“Can I make a cash donation?” -Yes. We are a 501(c) non-profit and will gladly accept Cash, checks, and even credit cards.

“Is this HarbisonWalker?” -No, they are on West Saint Eunice not far from us. You’d be surprised how often this is asked.

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